Vincent Ricciardi Jr.


As an actor, singer, and songwriter, Vincent Ricciardi Jr. is known for his rich, powerful vocals, and his vocal versatility.  Talented in many musical genres from rock, and opera, he has appeared in many different productions in the New York area.

Vincent’s introduction into the musical world began at a very young age, when Christian songwriter Terry Romano wrote a song specifically for him entitled “If I Die Before I Wake.”  The song was incorporated into a show at Upper Room Christian World Center called “If I Die,” and was performed by Vincent and his mother.  His brother performed the role on alternate nights.

Throughout high school Vincent could be seen performing in plays at Deer Park High School, Upper Room, and The Cultural Arts Playhouse.  By his senior year, he was accepted into Nassau BOCES Cultural Art Center’s Musical Theater program, where his real training began.  Grouped with some of the most talented young performers on Long Island, including Heather Matarazzo (“Welcome to the Dollhouse,” and “The Princess Diaries”). Vincent began the journey of developing his craft.

In the fall of 2000, Vincent entered Adelphi University’s Theater and Music Program, where he studied both modern and classical forms of Acting, Music History, and Theory.  He was taken under the wing of vocal coach Beverly Myers of the Metropolitan Opera, at this time, and he began to hone his skills as a singer and an actor.

Throughout his 5 years at Adelphi, Vincent could be seen in many shows, both Musical and Dramatic.  His penchant for character parts and his ability to create character voices allowed him to play many interesting roles.  However, it was his role in the 2002 Cultural Arts Playhouse Production of “Jekyll and Hyde” that really turned heads and served as a pivotal point in his pursuit of a career in entertainment.

At only 19 years old, Vincent was cast as the understudy to the leading role, played by Broadway actor Richard Todd Adams.  Vincent made a name for  himself among the “Jekyll and Hyde” fan base, and even received praise from David Weitzer, a local actor known to have also performed the role at several venues.  Aside from the success of the run, Vincent was also fortunate to meet friend and arranger Jackson Walker.

With Jackson’s guidance, Vincent was introduced to the world of the recording artist, and by the end of 2003; he finished recording a 15 track Demo CD.  The CD consists of Broadway, pop, and opera songs and has been circulating around the New York Entertainment community ever since.  2003 also saw Vincent in the Long Island Premier of “The Melody Lingers On: The Songs of Irving Berlin,” and his first Off-Broadway performance in the musical review “Broadway Blockbusters Take II.”

Over the next few years Vincent rounded out his performance credits to include the Player King in “Hamlet No,” an abridged version of William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet,” and Rev. Buckhorn in the well-received production of “Holy Ghosts.”  “Holy Ghosts” received the ACTF award for Outstanding Ensemble, as well as an honorary award for leading actor Adam Gallo.  Vincent also appeared on the concept albums for the musicals “Greed/Generations” by Barry Libin, and “The Whole Story,” by Jack Walker.  He can also be heard singing with local rapper and cousin, Sharky Conway on the song “I Need Affection.”

In the spring of 2005, Vincent gained 25 Lbs for his role of Frankie in the world premiere of the Mafia Comedy “All Dolled Up,” produced by Colin Quinn of SNL and written by Bobby Spillane, son of Mickey Spillane.  The show was well received and currently in negotiations for another run.

Of late, Vincent has returned to music and has begun recording a new album of original music to be released later in 2006.  With the help of Jack Walker and others he hopes the album will help him further his dream of a career in entertainment.