If Robin Renée were to start a religion all her own, it might well hold Groupie Consciousness as its central tenet. She chases after the God/dess within with a reverence and fervor not unlike her passion for the music that moves her most- acts as disparate as Elvis Costello, Krishna Das, James Taylor, Gary Wilson, and Devo. Those in the know are realizing that Renée is worthy of just as much hot pursuit. Oh, and that religion? There'd also be lots of yoga, a strong belief in cartoon physics, a little sexiness, and zero dogma.

Such is the musical and magical world of Robin Renée. Her accessible tunes with a spiritual twist have forged her personal genre--Mantra-Pop! The seeds of her diverse influences can be uncovered therein, as well as a longtime focus on Eastern and eclectic mysticism, the mystery that cuts to the core of this powerful singer and wordsmith. At a live show today you might catch a solo acoustic set, a collaboration, or pure kirtan- a form of Hindu devotional chanting in Sanskrit, with which she finds deep resonance.

Live Devotion (March 2007) is Renée's first recording dedicated wholly to sacred chant. Borne of one inspired recording session in October 2006, the seven long tracks evoke peace, passion, and the presence of Universal Love. With the sexy, rock feel of "Jai Ma" to the traditional "Sita Ram" to the fun, multi-part "Om Shanti Krishna," Live Devotion is a fresh take on an ancient tradition.

Renée's previous offering, All Six Senses (2002), is the real-life chronicle of one caught in the act of cosmic transformation. Themes of love, seeking, and celebration emerge through a medium of edgy rock, accomplished singer/songwriter lyricism, pop hooks, and the sonic impact of chant. All Six Senses was produced by Scott Mathews, who has worked with artists as fabulous as George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Elvis Costello, Patti LaBelle and many more. Two of its tracks, "First Sight" and "Thursday Morning Afterglow" won Honorable Mentions in the 11th International Billboard Songwriting Contest. All Six Senses follows In Progress, Renée's full-length CD debut (2000), which was applauded in much alternative press across the U.S.

She has often credited the sight of David Bowie in a dress with opening her eyes to transformation and expression. It was no doubt an inspiration, but Renée's real drive comes from within. She has battled through the wearying grip of depression, has been enveloped in the bliss of spiritual ecstasy, and lives to tell the tales. She is not afraid to listen to what the voices in her head tell her: Live for your truth, keep it real, and make music that matters.