Aneurin Warburton (commonly known by his knickname Nye) hails from the East Coast of the US. He was raised by an astrophysicist and a writer who spread their passion for Einstein and John Fowles. They also made the mistake of encouraging him to chase his dream to make cartoons. He went to a university that makes a big deal about the fact that they (and some other schools like 'em) have ivy. When he grew up enough, he worked for some horrendous media conglomerates and some dot coms (when there were some) doing flashy, spinny, and composity graphics. Currently he is enhancing his education at the graduate level in art and computery stuff with the star-eyed dream of becoming a super duper character animator.

On the rare occasion when Nye is not obsessing about animation, he is usually reading science fiction, strumming a six string, performing improv, or praying for the Boston Red Sox to finally win a world series. He also likes to write biographies about himself in the 3rd person.