Momma Sandi developed her passion and appreciation for storytelling while growing up in a rich mix of African, Caribbean and Southern neighborhoods. The stories she heard as a child became the reservoir of antidotes, examples and inspirations that she now shares with her diverse audiences

Momma Sandi, blends her love for storytelling with her extensive background in personal and professional development, corporate training and teaching to deliver programs and performances that augment all areas of learning and development.

Momma Sandi 'storytells' by reaching out with words, songs, movements and rhythm, keeping the audience involved in every tale.

Momma Sandi is co-founder of JUBALA!, an ensemble of storytellers, musicians and vocalists dedicated to preserving the oral tradition, current president of the Keepers of the Culture ( and leadership chairperson for the National Association of Black Storytellers (

Momma Sandi's debut recording, "Calling Out Your Name: Stories From The Sister Circle", has been hailed as a ground breaking celebration of women and sisterhood, and her recent recording "Talkin' With The Animals" is a moral packed treasure for the whole family.