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For almost 2 decades composer, musician, producer, singer, and writer: Jackson Walker, has been lending his talents to the New York music community. Piano, guitar, drums, bass and trumpet are just some of the instruments that can be heard in a Walker session. His sought after sound has landed him work with some of the industry's leading players. His technical expertise has made him an invaluable asset to musicians and studios around New York.

Jackson’s musical talent started at an early age.  He played first chair trumpet in the junior high band when he was in 5th grade. By age 15, Jackson was heard on vocals, keys and drums in wedding and cover bands in and around New York. His command of many different vocal styles and instruments, allowed him to perform extremely well in variety of musical styles.

Exploring his range, Jackson added theater to his resume. His Operatic Tenor earned rave reviews in the roles of Freddie in My Fair Lady, Simon Stride in Jekyll & Hyde and Frederic in Pirates of Penzance.  His Rock and Pop expertise allowed him to dominate in Jesus Christ Superstar, as he gave a stunning and emotional performance as Pontius Pilate in a 5 week run, and his flexibility was evident when he went on for two nights as Caiaphas when that lead actor took sick.

Through the 90’s he played with a number of bands including Even Steven, Sister Someone, Scarecrow, Dreamchild, and Wounded. On many of the songs, he shares not only performance credit, but also writing. His love of writing and the creative process lead him to release his first album “0nly Human” in 1999.  Track seven, “I Don’t Mind” garnered him radio play and quickly became most-requested at shows.

Jackson’s recording credits run through many genres.  He is accomplished in Rock, Pop, Folk, Country, World, Blues, Contemporary and Classical, just to name a few.  He can be found on numerous recordings for such Billboard charting artists as Stephen Palmer, Scarecrow, Bakithi Kumalo, and Michael Rainwood.  He was the Music Director and Keyboard player for the children’s show Keep The Beat, with Robbi K and Bali Dali Productions. He is currently composing all the music for the WE hit show John Edward Cross Country.

Jack also produces hot new talent.  He makes artists feel comfortable and coaxes the best performances out of them.  He has a strong basis in musical theory, and applies his technique in vocal harmony with devastating effect.

He also holds a degree in Computer Information Systems, and understands all of the technology that is needed for audio and video in the 21st century.  His skills in programming and design allow him to realize the vision that he sets for himself and the artists he works with.

Jackson Walker’s skills span a wealth of instruments and disciplines. His abilities allow him to function as a well-rounded producer, engineer, arranger, editor, orchestrator, vocal coach, programmer, and musician.

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