It can be hard for an artist to reach their audience. Whether it’s releasing an album or getting your portfolio seen, making those first moves can be difficult.

Networking, marketing, advertising, promotions, distribution, management and bookings can be elusive for a novice.

Founder Jenn Phillips wanted to create a haven for the truly independent artist.

“… I'm looking for those individuals who are actually going it alone, who don’t know where to start, or could use some guidance from someone who has ‘been there, and done that.’ I definitely could have used some help when I first started out.”

Kemistre is an artist network and does not fund any projects, instead we offer our time, knowledge and experience. Each artist is financially responsible for his or her own project. Its purpose is to help you avoid costly mistakes and to either provide or put you in touch with services at reasonable prices. Sharing resources and working as a team makes the process less daunting for newcomers.

Artists that benefit from Kemistre are asked to give back their time to new artists. Its a very pay it forward/circle of life kinda thing. With each new success the network improves and its foundation strengthens.

Kemistre looks to encompass many forms of art, both audio and visual. Musicians, singers, songwriters, poets, fine artists, graphic designers, photographers… the possibilities are endless.

To find out more about Kemistre email Jenn here

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